Monday, 16 February 2009

Over Halfway

So not a drop of alcohol or a mouthful of sweetness has passed my lips for over a fortnight. Actually, that's a lie. The Paramour is, among his many other talents, an excellent brewer (that's proper brewing from scratch, not the kit variety). He had a new batch ready last week and really, really wanted me to try it. 'A little sip won't have much alcohol in,' he said. So I had a tiny taste, and it was very good indeed, and then I wanted a whole pint quite badly for a while.

There have only been two days, so far, when I've really fancied a drink - both difficult, tedious work days. Saturday was one, and following someone's suggestion that alcohol-free lager might help, I did some Internet searching and found the Alcohol Free Shop - I think I might visit the store next time I'm in Manchester. However, for the time being the local supermarket is doing the job. I bought some nearly alcohol-free lager at 0.5% ABV, hoping I might feel the effect, but it wasn't discernible. It did make a pleasant change, though. I had a sniff of the Paramour's wine at dinner that night, and it didn't smell appealing, which was surprising but helpful. I've hardly missed cakes, puddings, chocolate etc at all.

So what has changed since two weeks ago? For a start, I have a flatter tum. I don't need to lose weight (sorry) but I do have a slight pot-belly, despite a regular gym habit, so I'm quite pleased about this. My senses of taste and smell are more acute. I can really taste the sweetness in foods like nuts, milk and carrots. The enhanced sense of smell is more of a mixed blessing - when the Paramour put some vinegar in boiling water ready to poach an egg the other day, I ran away fast. Another difference I notice is that I need less sleep: 6 hours is plenty most nights, whereas when I'm drinking regularly, it's more like 7.5. Also, I'm most definitely getting more done with less effort. I've very nearly finished my writing tasks for the month, and I seem to be staying on top of my ridiculous workload. The snow has helped with both of those, of course, but I think the clear-headedness and higher energy levels have helped too.

I'm going out for lunch with a dear friend on Friday, and another friend on Tuesday, and both times I'm going to a cafe which does sumptuous cakes and puddings. So I may decide to hop briefly off the sugar wagon for one or both of those. Or not. I'll see how I feel at the time. And in theory I get to have an alcoholic drink on 1st March, but that's a Sunday, so I might choose to do that on Friday 27th or Saturday 28th instead (or I could wait till the following weekend... yeah, right!). I think I should pick something special for my first drink. Last time I did this I broke my fast with half a glass of really good red wine, which tasted great and made me very giggly. I remember being a cheap date for quite a while. The Paramour's beer is another option. Or a tequila slammer!! Any other ideas?


Wild Nature said...

Hey there, I see you're reading the book I wrote -- Travel Writing. You planning on doing some travel writing? Let me know where it appears! Cheers, L. Peat
Link to my blogs if you like,

Kirsty said...

Really good red wine gets my vote - and well done on a month!

Queenie said...

Ooh look, a how-to author in my comments box! Yes, I am reading your book, although I've only just started, but so far I'm finding it very helpful. I am indeed planning on doing some travel writing. Kirsty: thank you!

Clare Sudders said...

I'm intrigued by the sense of smell thing... I'd usually associate that with giving up smoking. What do you think is the cause?

Queenie said...

Clare, I've had the same experience before when giving up drinking, so I think giving up drinking is the cause! After that I'm not sure, as I'm no medic, but I know alcohol in any quantity has a drying effect on my sinuses, so that may have something to do with it.

PI said...

A splitzer? Then you can have two.