Saturday, 18 December 2010

I Guess I've Finished The First Draft

Although definitely with a whimper, not the bang I was hoping for. The odd thing is, most of the way through this draft I've been sure about how the story would end, but when I got there it didn't work as I'd expected, it just faded inconclusively away. I think that's because, as with most of my first drafts, the story isn't yet pulled tightly together. It's also shorter than I really wanted it to be, but I'm not particularly worried about that because I always underwrite in first drafts.

I stopped writing in the middle of last week and felt flat and frustrated for a few days. But now I'm getting used to the idea. The prospect of a few weeks off writing fiction (I won't be writing shorties either) really appeals, which is unusual for me, so I reckon I need a break. I can also feel a flicker of excitement at the thought of printing out, reading through and starting a proper edit. That'll be in mid-January.

I'm even, slowly, beginning to feel a little bit proud of myself. Looked at one way, I have a first draft which is a bit rubbish. But then, most first drafts are a bit rubbish. Looked at another way, I have a world, a cast of characters, a central storyline and 87,000 words which I didn't have nine months ago. And actually, I think that's pretty good.