Wednesday, 12 August 2009

The Last Five Days

Nights in own bed: 1
Nights in other beds: 4
Number of other beds slept in: 3
Miles driven: 550ish
Friends and family caught up with: 9
Cats canoodled with: 4
Computers used: 4
Visits to cafes: 1
Visits to pubs: 1
Visits to very old Saxon churches: 1
Bottles of really good New Zealand wine shared: 2
Bottles of other perfectly drinkable wine shared: 8ish
Delicious nosh scoffed: far too much
Shiny red Ferraris spotted on recovery vehicles: 1
Minutes of amusement engendered by sight of shiny red Ferrari on recovery vehicle: 742
Words written: 2000


JJ Beattie said...

How I wish I could've seen your amusement at the red Ferrari incident. That would have amused me enough!

Well done on having lots of stamina!

Carol said...

Blimey, sounds like you have been even more busy than me!!

Eating, drinking and catching up with family...a lovely way to spend some time!!

C x

PI said...

Now you've got me worried. Eight beds in five days! I do hope you're not going to the dogs.

SpiralSkies said...

Now you see I do like the big numbers on the list. But I like the 1s more in a way. There's something definite about a 1 in a 'YEAH' kind of way?

Queenie said...

JJ, you know the feeling, I think.
Carol, it is indeed!
Pat, noooooo!! Four beds in total, three of them other people's, one of them mine. Honest!
Jen, er, yeah?

Debs said...

Giggling at the Ferrari, which isn't very nice of me I know.

Loved the way you split up the amounts when it came to the bottles of wine.

Queenie said...

Debs, well, I giggled too... oh, you noticed? That little word 'ish' comes in very useful sometimes ;-)

womagwriter said...

Fab 5 days, it sounds like to me!

Queenie said...

Womag, it was, if a little tiring.