Tuesday, 4 August 2009

La Belle France Et Les Petits Chats

I swam and sunbathed here:

slept here:

ate here, mostly:

went in and out through here:

took a snap of the pretty kitchen window (you can see how thick the walls are, this house is NEVER going to fall down!):

helped my cousin feed the cats (that's her, not me):

She feeds around 10 local cats every day. They've had them all neutered. One or two are willing to be stroked, but most are wary of humans; they lie around in relaxed-cat poses but spring away quick as whips if you go too close. And here's one specially for Helen, I bet none of your cats ever brought you a present like this, I know none of mine ever have:

And this photo was taken at the playing-with-it stage, before the snake got disembowelled.

After seeing that, I swore I would never ever again moan about ours bringing in mice and birds. However, when Sock Boy and Rorschach woke me up in the small hours of last night by playing with a very lively mouse under our bed last night, I broke my oath. Broke out several new oaths, in fact, especially when they cornered it under the chest of drawers and had a long stand-off involving lots of snuffling and growling. (Rorschach is a small cat with big eyes and therefore extremely cute. She is also all black, which is why you haven't seen a picture of her yet, because she always comes out looking more like an ink blot than a feline.) I don't know what happened in the end because I decamped to the spare room. Maybe there's still a mouse hiding in our bedroom. The cats would be right out of favour if I wasn't so pleased to see them.


HelenMHunt said...

No they haven't - and I would sooooo freak out if they did! I have had a live bird and a live mouse so far this week though.

Beleaguered Squirrel said...

Oooh ooh ooh, that all looks so lovely... can I come with you next time? :O)

Karen said...

I'm very jealous now - I want to go there! I could do without the visitors though :o)

PI said...

Ah me! The bedroom photo particularly made me nostalgic for Doreen's various houses in France.
If I found a mouse in the bedroom after I had been away for a week the Paramour would have got it in the neck for crumbs in the bedroom.
Looking forward to hearing more about the hols and the photos are excellent.

Queenie said...

Helen, you're one up on me, then; it's just the mouse here so far.
BS, I'll pop you in my rucksack!
Karen, it was delightful, 'visitors' and all.
Pat, it was definitely an outside mouse they brought in, and it was still under the chest of drawers the next night, so I ended up in the spare room again, but it was very dead on the kitchen floor in the morning and last night all was perfect peace.