Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Tamelife Photography

I know wildlife photography is difficult. I've seen those bits on the ends of the David Attenborough programmes where a denim-clad bloke tells you how he waited six weeks for a sighting of some obsure creature. But I never knew tamelife photography could be so hard, particularly as our feline trio are natural-born posers. Except when I've got my camera out.

Today I managed two out of three. Here is Sock Boy*, the world's most gormless brainless moggie:

And his beloved Tiger Girl:

Not bad, eh? We had Tiger Girl for a year before the other two came as kittens, and she was like their auntie to begin with, worrying about them if they went too far away, cuffing them if they were too rumbunctious, washing their heads and faces. Sock Boy has always loved Tiger Girl, although his is a boisterous kind of love, often involving a spreadeagled jump-and-land-on-beloved demonstrative style, with headbutts another common feature. Sometimes he loves Tiger Girl so much that she runs away.

The third in the trio, a stocky little runt who is Sock Boy's sister, is the most difficult to capture of the three (in all senses of the word). She's affectionate with humans on her own terms, which sometimes involve burrowing under the duvet and curling up by my tummy, which I completely disapprove of and am absolutely unable to resist. She's also a natural-born comedian, with the biggest character of the three. And she's all black, so very hard to photograph effectively. I did catch a really good shot of her, today, on the stairs. But I forgot to use the flash.

I think I have a lot to learn about this photography business. I did best with Tiger Girl because she takes up more of the frame. Must get some software and learn to do cropping and other clever things... when I have time... don't hold your breath! But I did get one ace Sock Boy pose, even if it was a bit too far away:

*NB: pet names changed to protect against identity theft - they really have much nicer and more imaginative names than these


Carol and Chris said...

OMG they are gorgeous!!! I know exactly what you mean about the snuggling into the tummy...lugs does that and I am powerless to resist...Gai, on the other hand, likes to eat my hair which is not quite so nice!! Ooohhh I can't wait till they are out of quarantine!!

C x

JJ Beattie said...

OOOOH Queenie.... oooh. I so want cats again. I miss them. Tiger girl is a gorgeous colour.

Karen said...

What cute little bundles :o)

Molly-dog doesn't like the camera any more. As soon as it comes out she slinks away or turns her head like a bored celebrity, sick of being papped.

Lane said...

Ooh they're gorgeous!

We have a Tiger Boy, a slow old chap who rules the dogs:-)

Beleaguered Squirrel said...


That is all. :O)

HelenMHunt said...

They are so sweet. My four are now besotted!

Leigh said...

I love those cats!!!

I've waited over two years for all my children to be looking in the same direction, smiling (without doing silly smiles), and without holding rabbit fingers up behind each others' heads, etc., and to be able to find my camera, to have fully-charged batteries, and enough memory in my camera - but to no avail thus far. Perhaps I should get my denims out.

Tam said...

Cute moggies :-) Love the description of Sock Boy's affection for Tiger Girl.

SpiralSkies said...

I'm not usually a cat person but they, I must admit, are rather scrummy... animals are sooo hard to photograph. My poor dog has the air of a simpleton in every pic I take. And no saying people choose dogs who're like themselves, ta very much!

Carol and Chris said...

There is an award for you over at mine :-)

C x

Queenie said...

Glad you all approve!
Leigh, it's not just the denims, you know; you also have to build a hide in a suitable place (next to the fridge might work) and lurk inside for several weeks until you are finally able to capture the perfect shot.
Spiral, I wouldn't dream of saying people choose dogs who are like them in every respect, although there is sometimes a recognisable visual similarity - can we see some photographic evidence, now, please? ;-)
Carol, thank you!

PI said...

Excellent - really! Cropping is easy with Picasa- the one thing I can do.