Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Nearly There

I had three stern deadlines to meet by next Thursday morning. I met two of them today, and if all goes according to plan, I could have the other one sorted by lunchtime tomorrow (fingers crossed). Then I am actually going to have a weekend off, which will, for various reasons with which I shall not bore you, be the first whole weekend when I've been able to please myself since last August. I am sooooooo ready for it.

These gear changes are one of the strangest things about self-employment. I can do the non-stop working part, and I've also learned to ride the chunks of time where I don't have much work, especially since I decided to treat my writing as part of my paid work. But the change from one to the other is always weird. One or two of my employed friends have suggested that it's similar to the change between work and holiday, but I don't agree. I decide when I'll go on holiday, and where, and with whom. I don't get to decide when I'll be busy and when I won't, unless I turn down offers of work, and I rarely do that because of the financial implications. So the gear changes are reactive, almost enforced, and I think somehow that makes them a little more difficult.

Having said that, I wouldn't choose any other life. The plus side is that, overall, I get lots of time to do what I like. This weekend will be a rehearsal for, ooh, looks like most of April. Bring it on!


JJ Beattie said...

I hope you have a fabulous weekend.

KAREN said...

Definitely sounds like you're ready for that weekend, hope you enjoy it :o}

SpiralSkies said...

I would like to borrow your April. Sensible that you're in training for it.

It's good when a weekend beckons cheerily, isn't it? Yours sounds as if it's standing on a 1950s train platform, in clouds of billowing smoke, just calling out 'here I am, take me where you will'. Something like that, yes.

Clare Sudders said...

You met your deadlines ahead of time? Swot! ;)

I can see how enforced breaks aren't quite the same as holidays, particularly if you like to be in control. But it is indeed good that you count writing as work, although presumably that means you will indeed be busy in April? What writing plans do you have for that month?

PI said...

I like being in control of my time and have specific on and off- duty periods. Discipline is all but I suspect the off-duty periods are lengthening. i think it's important - to me anyway - to feel I have done something, no matter how small, productive every day.
You have earned your break Queenie. Have fun:)

Queenie said...

Hello folks, thank you for your good wishes, I had a lovely time. Clare: I am indeed a swot! My writing plans for April shall be revealed, er, as soon as I've made some. PI: I'm like that too, although I'm learning to value being as well as doing.