Sunday, 1 March 2009

February To March

January and February were a bit rubbish, but it looks as if March could be a better month. And February was good in two respects. I took (most of) a month off from drinking alcohol, which I think has been a useful experience. I don't feel so attached to the booze any more and I intend to stay that way. March has also, no coincidence I think, been a reasonably good month for my writing.

Remember my plans for February? All done, and more. Last Wednesday, due to a work glitch, I had a free morning. So I carpe-ed the diem - and finished the first draft of chapter one of my travel book. Then I felt like a real writer, i.e. convinced everything I'd written was rubbish, there wasn't a single good idea in the whole 5000 words, and every sentence was dull. Luckily I've now been through this enough times to recognise it as a passing phase, and sure enough, it passed. Not that I've swung to the other extreme; the chapter is only a first draft and, as first drafts do, it needs lots of editing and rewriting. But I'm looking forward to that part, it's work I really enjoy.

So here are my plans for March:
  1. Write two more short stories
  2. Edit and submit the two stories I wrote in Feb
  3. Resubmit any stories that come back from womags
  4. Work on the second draft of the travel book chapter
In April, my paid work will ease off and I should have time to work on the next draft of my novel. I'm thinking about starting a course in freelance/travel writing, and about planning some trips for later in the year. I'm also considering investing in a new writing gadget. This kind of playing with ideas is almost as much fun as the writing kind. Generally speaking, I think life is looking up. (Yes, I know, it's when you're looking up that you trip over things. Hey ho!)


HelenMHunt said...

You sound so organised! Where can I get some of that?

SpiralSkies said...

Glad things are on the up :0)

Course looks good... mmmm... tempting... The Neo? Ah, the boyf has one of those, bought especially for writing. It's as light as a feather and, because it has no internet, means you have no distractions. Def worth investing in - brilliant for writing in the garden too, you can just tap away without the whole business of sun glaring onto a 'proper' laptop screen is obliterated.

I like your oomph.

Queenie said...

Helen: lists are your friends!
SpiralJen: I'm glad too. And thanks for the helpful info, I'm even more tempted now.

Maddie Moon said...

You sound very focussed, Queenie. Good idea to have monthly targets, I might have a go at that too. Well done on getting that first chapter under your belt.

Tam said...

Sounds like you've got it all under control :-)

Queenie said...

Maddie, I find monthly targets really helpful. For me, a month is long enough so as not to be too scary (I find weekly writing targets a bit daunting), but short enough to stop me procrastinating (if I used yearly targets, I wouldn't do anything till about September!).
Tam: up to a point, anyway. Life gets in the way sometimes.

PI said...

It's always great to have a plan and travel writing gives you a great alibi for that extra holiday.
There is little more pleasurable IMO, than having a list 'to do', and ticking 'em off.
The NEO thing sounds interesting. I don't have a lap-top and no plans to get one but that would be useful when one was away from home and the computer. Let us know if you acquire one how you find it please.

KAREN said...

I definitely need to set myself some targets. One of them will be, stop looking at new writing gadgets!!

Queenie said...

PI, I love lists, I love them so much that I may have to write a whole blog post about lists. I will let you know about the Neo, I've read quite a few reviews online and writers seem to love it.
Karen, noooooo!!!!!

Carol and Chris said...

I love lists too...they are the only way I remember everything that I need to do and there is nothing more satifying than putting a line through something that you have achieved.

Good luck on the subs

C x

Queenie said...

Carol, thank you!