Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Three thousand words today!!! I've never written so many words in one day, but I could see that halfway point and it beckoned me on. What's more, nothing else happened - no texts or phone calls and only a few emails, none of which required more than a minute to answer.

I reckon I could write another thousand if I didn't have a few other tasks that need my attention. I promise to write a blog post about something else soon but today it's all about the words.

I'm halfway! It's all downhill from here!

Er, is that what I mean? ;-)

While I think of it, JJ said in a comment on my last post: 'How the devil can you do it? And, more to the point, why can't I?' I think it's practice first, and then having the time available. Four years ago I was writing 500 words three times a week. JJ, too, has made huge strides in terms of her output, as anyone who doesn't know her can see from her blog. It's all about following Terry Pratchett's advice to writers: Apply Bum Glue!


Lane said...

Look at you go!

Really well done m'dear.

Debs said...

So impressive, well done.

I love TP's advice, and shall make a note for my shed saying, 'Apply Bum Glue!'

JJ Beattie said...

Apologies for any jetlagged fuzzyheadedness... but I don't agree. I sit and write for... sometimes many hours a day but I write slowly. You're right that I have increased my 'hopeful output' - let's not call it an 'expected wordcount' - but bum glue has been aplied and still I write slowly!

Do go and see my pictures of Paul Theroux! I'm so sorry I didn't see your message til afterwards, but I did get to shake his hand! (You can touch my hand if you like...)

JJ Beattie said...

Oh dear, I knew I was dim today (jetlag!) but WELL DONE. Bloomin' brilliant.

Tam said...

Wow! Am v impressed - well done :-)

Martin Stickland said...

Have you got any finger prints left with all that key tapping? I wish I had a way with words!

Queenie said...

Thanks, everyone.
JJ, that is what I mean - it takes both practice and time available; through using your time well, you are able to practice; thus you have increased your word count. And I bet it will go on increasing.
Martin, my fingertips are STEAMING!!!

Debi said...

I have this tremendous urge to say to everyone here something along the lines of, 'Ner diddy ner ner - I've read it and you haven't.'

But that would be terribly unprofessional so I won't say that, oh no I won't ...