Tuesday, 9 June 2009

A Weekend Of Great Variety


Shane said...

You've whetted my appetite for a week that we've planned to be away, in July. It'll be a week of coastline, of causeways, of degrading castles, and of - I hope - good air.

That final image... an owl with the right to look a bit bashful, surely. Quite how they got it to wear the leggings... amazing.

Lane said...

Great photos.
That's one grumpy looking owl:-)

Carol and Chris said...

Fab photo's hon!!

I love the one with the guys in their Top hats...one looks like he's fallen asleep :-D

Hahaha, and the owl looks like it's borrowed a pair of my boots!! (Chris refers to them as my Yeti boots....they look just like that!!)

C x

Karen said...

What luverly pictures! Love the scowling owl :o)

PI said...

I was going to inform Shane that they were Ugg boots.
Full marks to the P.
Now is that Mont St Michele or St Michael's Mount? I get them mixed up. The difference is crepes.

HelenMHunt said...

Great photos. love the owl.

Queenie said...

Shane, I hope you have a great time.
Carol, I think they were a bit, er, tired and emotional.
PI, it's Holy Island, sorry!
Lane, Karen, Helen, I know, the owl is fab, isn't it?

Kirsty said...

how lovely! and what a gorgeous owl.