Thursday, 6 May 2010

Prophetic? Moi?

Two book rejections this week, with a short story rejection thrown in, which makes me feel a little like Cassandra, the ancient Greek prophet who went around intoning 'Doom, Danger and Woe!' But still, in the spirit of keeping on keeping on, I've sent off two more submissions. And if I run out of agents, I'll submit my work to publishers. And today, I'll be boosting the word count on the WIP again. Yesterday I read through what I've written so far and decided it was a load of garbage, so it must be a proper first draft. Since then my characters have been taking on their own lives in my head again which, for me, is one of the fun parts.

The last chunk of manic paid work is almost over - just this morning to finish up a few odds and ends, then I'm off to London for a long weekend to hang out with friends, dear friends who get up late so I can write in the mornings (my best time) and I also have two train journeys which I often find good for writing. So I should be back to my 1000 words a day, most days, habit from now on.


Bernadette said...

Sorry about the returns. It does seem to hex submissions if you think about them too much - but what else are we going to do????

Well done with the keeping on in any case and I hope you have better luck with those. xx

Debs said...

You weekend in London sounds as if it will be the perfect antidote to those pesky rejections. Have fun.

KarenG said...

Just discovered your blog. I don't see a follower icon, but I'll put it on my sidebar so I can catch all your new posts! Great blog here!


Queenie said...

Bernadette, I know...

Debs, it absolutely was!

KarenG, hello and welcome and thanks for the compliment. I'm not very technically competent and don't actually know what a follower icon is, but I've put you on my sidebar too.

Pat said...

This is so inspiring me to start sending out again - not!
My attitude has changed - I don't feel nearly so apologetic - more take it or leave it Buster.
I'm not really dragging my feet - just waiting on something.