Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Feeling Lucky

My retired parents take several holidays a year. They're on holiday right now - in Scotland, where they went by car.

A couple of months ago, my Paramour and I decided to try to arrange our own holiday. 'What would your choice be?' I asked. 'Greece, end of April or beginning of May,' he said. We consulted our diaries, couldn't find a mutually acceptable week till June, had an argument about whose fault that was (his, obviously), sulked for a bit, and eventually decided on France at the end of June, by car.

My brother-in-law was due to fly into the UK from his home in Canada today, to spend a week with the family before attending a work-related conference over here the following week. Of course we're sorry not to see him, but he's much better off stuck at home than stuck abroad or in transit as so many other unfortunate people are.

We are so, so lucky.


Debs said...

I agree, I'd much rather be stuck at home than anywhere else. So pleased your trip isn't until June.

My son has now left on a boat to Weymouth and should arrive there tonight, so will finally arrive at uni two days late, but is happy to be on his way.

My manager's daughters were in Florida and are stuck in Ireland! Not sure how that happened though.

HelenMHunt said...

Yes, it does make you glad to be safely at home doesn't it. Phew!

Carol said...

There have been some real horror stories about people's journeys to get home!! Like you, I'm so glad that we're at home!!

C x

LilyS said...

I have to agree, my Aunt and Uncle were stranded in Rome from Sunday to Wednesday. Flying is stressful as it is without having that to deal with as well.