Friday, 1 January 2010

Blog Takeover Day

I must say, it is a relief to be able to be oneself for a change. Marvellous invention, though, the Internet. It's been jolly interesting to pose as an ordinary person who lives in a house with a number and opens one's own front door.

I was talking about it to my Prince Consort over our cocoa and organic digestives the other night (we have to have organic these days, or our eldest gets terribly tiresome). PC said he couldn't think why I would want to impersonate one of the great unwashed. I said any more of that kind of talk and he'd find some of his special privileges withdrawn. He said surely I didn't need to be so picky when it was just the two of us. I said his track record showed I did, and gave him the Look which reminds him who is the monarch around here. He shut up then, so one thinks one won that one.

Anyway, I believe most houses in streets have indoor bathrooms these days, so I'm sure my people do wash. I'm very fond of my people. I imagine them going about their daily lives, at home, at school, at work, wherever they are, doing all the funny little things they do, and every single one of them belonging to me. PC thinks we'd be better off without them. Then again, some of them seem to think they'd be better off without us, the silly billies! They're awfully sweet, really, and so easily pleased; all one has to do is wave now and then, cut a ribbon here and there, and try to remember not to scowl at the cameras.

I really do feel the new media has helped me to understand my people. It's not just the blogging, it's the tweeting, the status updates, the whole ballyhoo. I gave my PC an XBox for Xmas a few years ago, in the hope that would have the same effect for him, but he only seems to want to use it to kill people.

That reminds me, I had planned to write down my New Year's resolutions. Here goes:

1. Stop arguing with Mr Brown, he can't help it (and hope for an old Etonian replacement soon).
2. Take more exercise: walk the Corgis every day, even when it rains.
3. Remember it's bad form to bet heavily in a recession - maximum £500 on any one race.
4. No gin before 6 pm on weekdays.
5. Be nicer to old Horse-Face.
6. Replace those shabby velvet curtains in the banqueting hall.
7. Spend more time with our youngest now the children have reached a more acceptable age (maybe watch X Factor with him next time round, he likes all that theatrical stuff).
8. Smile for the cameras.

Wishing you all an Annus Magnificus. ERself x


Quillers said...

How the other half lives, eh?

I am overwhelmed by your presence in blogland, Your Maj, and delighted you have chosen to reveal your presence during Blog Takeover Day. I don't suppose a dameship is in the offing? No, oh well, it was worth a try.

Excellent post, which shows you really have your finger on the pulse. Not sure whose pulse, but well, never mind ...

HelenMHunt said...

Good luck with the 'no gin before 6pm' your maj!

Debs said...

Annus Magnificus to you too. x

Quillers said...

Is it worth mentioning that I already have an annus magnificus? Mores the pity. I'll have to give up the Pringles.

Pat said...

Would that I took as much exercise as your Maj.
I remember when Old Horse-Face was a young Greek god and I'm pleased that since the demise of Maggie and Mum you have been more generous with your smiles. I'm still quite sad that when I waved to you as you left Crathie church you stared at me as if you didn't recognise me. Ah well I suppose you didn't have your specs on.

Annieye said...

Well, your Majesty. I'm pleased to hear one's other half is quite handy with the 'ex-borx', but he must take great care not to get RSI.

No, madam, you didn't quite catch what I said. 'R', 'S', 'I' is short for repetitive strain injury. I can assure you I wasn't suggesting he was getting 'arsey' in his old age.

Martin Stickland said...

'Undies my arse!' please excuse the pun! I beleive you!

Yes 2 blogs in a week, I must be coming down with something!

Have a lovely week my friend!