Monday, 14 September 2009

It's Going Swimmingly

This mentoring business is the business. I had my second lot of feedback from Debi last week, and I was delighted to find that I'm meeting my aim of improving my writing as I go along. Now, as I write, I have a frequent voice popping up in my head saying things like 'Debi wouldn't like that adjective,' 'Debi would say you need an internal reaction here from that character,' and, most frequently, 'Debi would delete that bit.'

Debi is very good at deleting things, at least with my writing. I'm sure she doesn't take the slash-and-burn approach to everyone's work, because not everyone will need it, but I certainly do. As a result I've revised my target word count from 80k to 90k, because then I might end up with 80k that's made it past Debi's machete!

I've been on a writing roll over the weekend and am now halfway towards the next 10k. I hope to get there by the end of the week as I'm away next week. It would be nice to go away with one-third of the draft behind me, although I'm so into the swing of it now that I expect I'll still be writing while I'm away. At this rate, if I can continue to turn out 5000 words a week, I could have a full draft by the end of the year. I'm not setting that as a target, because if my paid work gets busier I'll have to slow down on the writing - but as things stand at present, it is possible, and it would be a great Xmas present to myself.


JJ Beattie said...

That's absolutely fantastic, but hang on there... you're rather putting the rest of us to shame!

Debi said...

She is indeed!

Your output is amazing, Queenie. In fact, I'm here when I should be writing myself. Very much a matter of 'do as I say' not 'do as I do' ...

PI said...

You are enjoying it which is inspiring. I have given myself till after our week away in October to finally decide about mentoring. All my instincts say yes.
Hope it's a fun trip.

Debs said...

You are going swimmingly, well done. I fully intend to follow your example, soon!

Carol said...

You know that kids get growth spurts...well, I reckon there is a writing spurt going on in blogland!! Everyone seems to be doing really well at the moment...keep up the good work :-)

C x

Beleaguered Squirrel said...

Go Queenie! Go Queenie!

I wonder if it's an autumn thing? My internal clock has always been wired to the academic year, even when I've had no contact with schools or colleges. This time of year has naturally been a time of new beginnings for me, and I always get an energy spurt once summer is out of the way.

Karen said...

Sounds like it's going well :o) I reckon we all need a Debi to keep us on the straight and narrow!

HelenMHunt said...

Brilliant stuff. Leaps and bounds indeed.

SpiralSkies said...

I love thinking of you tapping away, all inspired and cantering along to a Christmas finish. Woo hoo!

Queenie said...

JJ, you know you can do 2k a day now so you're just as bad as me!
Debi, don't worry, I won't be following your example that far!
PI, good luck with that decision, and keep me posted.
Debs, I'll be interested to read about your experiences when you do.
Carol, yes, and a painting spurt too!
BS, interesting theory, you could be right, although my own energy spurt tends to come in spring.
Karen, you're so right, every writer should have a Debi.
Helen, boing, boing, look at me go!
Spiral, wouldn't it be great?